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For those of you who have been direct-hire recruiters for years and years, you are probably familiar with the mindset that client companies really don’t want to hire “unemployed” candidates. Carolyn Barcus, of Barcus and Associates, has been recruiting since 1985. Historically, her direct-hire clients wanted her to recruit “the cream of the crop,” and that was why they were willing to pay a fee.

Well the economic recession is forcing a dramatic change with the “unemployed” mindset. Even though the economy is showing tentative signs of a rebound, there are millions of Americans unemployed through no fault of their own. The recession crossed all boundaries, and companies were forced to let people go that were excellent, hard-working employees. Consequently, there are quality, experienced, trained, and educated candidates in almost every discipline across the United States.

The Solution
As things slowly start to rebound, you can offer your clients a solution to help with the “unemployed candidate mindset.” Simply offer your client the option to “try out” the candidate on a contract-to-direct hire basis for six or nine months. This will give the candidate an opportunity to prove him/herself and give the client an opportunity to evaluate whether or not they should proceed with the direct-hire.

This is a win-win for all parties. The client can evaluate the candidate. The candidate has a great job opportunity and can prove him/herself. The recruiter earns an hourly profit during the contract period and a conversion fee when they transition the contractor to a direct hire!

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