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It’s that time of year again when we all make personal resolutions to be just a little better than we were the year before. Companies go through this process too, as they undertake strategic planning and set new roadmaps and metrics for the New Year. But what about your recruiting team or staffing agency tasked with finding the best talent? How can your hiring teams set new goals for a better year for hiring and retaining your workforce? 

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Hiring Teams 

We don’t yet know what 2021 will bring to the talent market. Will the economy continue its decline and layoff more workers? The chances are high that you’ll still have trouble hiring into technology positions, engineering, and the medical field. Staffing shortages aren’t going to go away just because the ball dropped in Time Square. No matter what kind of talent you’re looking for, your company benefits greatly when you create and meet obtainable hiring goals. If you’re working to improve this arm of your HR teams, here are some areas to improve: 

  • Systematize critical best practices to improve hiring performance. This can be complicated if you have one centralized HR, but department heads get involved in the interview process. Or if you leverage a staffing agency for certain types of positions. But standardizing how you hire could make for a more consistent candidate experience. It could help you find better candidates more consistently. Systematizing your effort could start with a new applicant tracking system (ATS) to automated key manual processes. You could also create a series of questions that go with your core values to streamline the hiring selection process. It also eliminates even the most buried unconscious biases that trip up our hiring teams. 
  • Review and rewrite your job descriptions to increase applicants. If you’re still placing the same ad from four years ago, or if you haven’t hired for a particular role recently, dust off the old job ad and give it a refresh. You’ll find that everything has changed, from the technology to candidate needs to the market itself. Don’t be afraid to make the job ad interesting yet informative about a “day in the life” of that position.  
  • Improve your candidate experience and become a hiring destination for your top candidates. Review your old application process from the candidate’s perspective. Is it mobile-friendly? Are uploads easy? How long does it take for you to apply? Create a better candidate application process and promote your organizational culture to every person who comes in contact with your brand. If you can do that, you will not only find a better quality of candidate but also create goodwill in the marketplace. 

Another way you can revamp your hiring process is to leverage the help of an Employer of Record.

As an EOR, FoxHire helps our candidates improve their hiring process by managing it from start to finish. This frees up your busying HR teams to concentrate on employee retention, compliance, or other strategies that matter to your core business. Talk to our team to find out more

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