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We recently posted that while permanent hiring still remains flat, there has been a marked increase in temporary/contract staffing. Well, a recent USA Today article reports more good news: temporary/contract staffing firms are also noticing that more of these temp hires are turning into permanent placements.

The article states that temporary jobs increased by 48,000 in February and have spiked by 284,000 since September. This is a good sign because companies usually use temporary/contract positions to stick their toes in the water before diving into permanent hiring. While the transition to permanent hiring isn’t happening quite as fast as everyone might hope, temporary/contract staffing firms are reporting an increase in temp-to-direct conversions.

One clarification, however, on the article. It states that temporary/contract workers do not get benefits, but that is not true if you use FoxHire as your back-office. We offer a full menu of benefits to contractors.

If you are a contract recruiter, this is a great time to make placements because not only are contract job orders more plentiful, but they may also result in on some nice conversion fees!

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