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It’s no secret that there is a huge need for IT talent right now.  A recent PC World article analyzes how many corporate IT departments are turning to contractors to meet that demand.

Companies that need specialized skills for projects or extra help to address the surge in business due to the economic recovery have found the following benefits by utilizing contractors to meet their IT needs:

  • Flexibility to scale their IT departments up or down to meet changing workload
  • Not having to commit to a direct-hire when the long-term need is uncertain
  • Lower cost (no employee benefits, employer share of payroll taxes, etc.)
  • Quicker “ramp-up” time
  • Get specialties that are not available in existing staff

The article also noted that the workers are not taking contract assignments because they have to but because they want to. They enjoy the flexibility that comes with contract work and like the opportunity to keep their “skill set sharp” by working on new, challenging projects.

Based on this article, it sounds like a recruiter who wants to place IT contractors should have no problem finding job orders or candidates!

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