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There are probably not too many people who would turn down the chance to work from home. But how many do you know who would take a pay cut to do so?

Well, according to a recentNetworkWorld article, 35 percent of information technology workers would accept a lower salary to telecommute. In fact, they would take a cut of up to 10 percent of their pay for this perk.

This could be good news for hiring managers who are willing to allow this type of arrangement.  Allowing telecommuting opens up a whole new crop of candidates who may have the right skills and attitude for a position but do not live close enough to come into the office everyday, according to the article.

These types of workers could be your ideal contract candidates. Contract assignments could give them the flexibility to work on a variety of projects from all over the United States from the comfort of their own homes. IT was thethird biggest industry for contract placements with FoxHire last year, and we can expect that as more IT professionals demand moreflexible work arrangements, contracting in this industry will only become more popular.

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