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Since between 70% and 80% of all companies in the United States use contractors to some degree, there’s often not a whole lot of convincing that recruiters have to do if they want to place contractors at their clients. In fact, in many cases, it’s the hiring manager who has to convince the recruiter to find contract candidates for them. Think about that for a second. The recruiter asks the hiring manager if they have any direct-hire job orders. The manager says no, but that they’re looking to fill some contract positions and they’d like help with them. The recruiter is wary… after all, they were looking forward to a direct-hire search.

But isn’t it a little crazy to be turning down business from your clients, no matter if it’s contracting or not? It’s still money, after all, and it represents a steady stream of predictable revenue, which is valuable in these unpredictable economic times. Still, there are some companies that are in a sort of “hiring limbo” at the moment. They have needs, but don’t know exactly what to do. They know they can’t hire anybody on a full-time basis… but they also know that they can’t afford to not hire anybody at all.

It’s in situations like these that recruiters who offer contract staffing can step in and save the day. In my next several blog posts, I’m going to explore some of the ways in which you can convince hiring managers to hire on a contract basis in order to finish projects and meet deadlines, while at the same time complying with the hiring restraints being imposed upon them. These blogs will be called our “Hiring Manager Series,” and they’re designed to help arm direct-hire recruiters with information that will more readily help them to place contractors at their client companies so they can create additional streams of revenue… and grow their business!

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