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With U.S Immigration and Customs I-9 inspections running rampant, many companies are taking a closer look at their I-9 completion procedures to ensure they are doing everything right. If you are a recruiter placing contractors, you too should be on alert unless you utilize a contracting back-office to handle such employment responsibilities as I-9 completion.

The government is making things slightly easier by releasing a new I-9 Handbook for Employers. This handy guide gives step-by-step instructions, provides visual examples, and answers some commonly asked questions.

Here are some particularly interesting nuggets from the handbook:

1. Most people know that I-9s have to be completed within three days of an employee’s first day at work, but many assume that means the I-9 must be completed by the third day at work (e.g., if the employee starts on Monday, the I-9 would be due on Wednesday) However, the handbook clarifies that the first day of work does not count, so the employer actually has four days to have a completed I-9 on file. That means that for an employee who starts on Monday, the I-9 would be due on Thursday.

2. Abbreviations for commonly used documents are acceptable when completing Section 2 of the I-9. For example, you can use “DL” for driver’s license and “SS” for Social Security.

3. There are some circumstances in which you can accept a receipt in lieu of a List A, B, or C document. The handbook lists what types of receipts can be accepted and how long they are valid.

4. U.S. citizens and noncitizen nationals do not need to be reverified when a passport, List B document, or Alien Registration Receipt Card/Permanent Resident Card expires.

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