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We reported a few months ago how it is taking longer and longer for hiring managers to fill direct-hire positions in their quest for the “perfect candidate.” The negative impact of this is obvious to recruiters who have to get a candidate placed before they can get paid. But according to a recent post in  Top Echelon’s blog, the “Recruiter Training Center,” companies that drag their feet on the hiring process are hurting themselves as well.

In the article, “Battling One of the Biggest Mistakes Clients Are Making Right Now,” industry trainer Jon Bartos disputes the perception that candidates are so desperate for jobs that they will jump through any hoop to get one.

“There’s a big disconnect going on right now,” Bartos said in the article.  “Candidates will not wait forever, and companies need to understand that. They’re risking good players by doing this, and they’re starting to lose them.  It’s happening out there.”

In fact, Bartos estimates that 50% of the candidates for a position will drop off if the process goes over four weeks.  And he said it is up to the recruiter to speed the process along.

But how?  Well, Bartos recommends setting expectations from the get-go by advising clients about marketplace conditions and asking them for an estimated timeframe before taking on the search assignment.

Another option, especially if a client is hesitating on a particular candidate, is to get them try the worker on a contract basis. That way, they can evaluate the candidate’s performance and how they fit into the company before committing to a direct-hire.

Don’t let your clients miss out on a great worker in their search for the elusive “perfect candidate.” By letting them “try-before-they-buy,” they may very well find out they had the perfect candidate all along!

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