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We asked recruiters who are successfully doing contracting to share some of their best marketing tips regarding how to get more contract job orders. Based on our conversations, here are just a few things recruiters can do to sweep clients off their feet:

  • Fill job orders quickly. One of the main reasons companies turn to contractors is because they need someone right away to fill a need. If you can find them great candidates fast, they will likely call you the next time they need someone in a hurry.
  • Do your homework. If you know nothing about the company or its industry, how can you provide them with a good fit? Clients want recruiters who understand what they do and who they are.
  • Communicate . . their way. It’s important for recruiters to find the method of communication that works best for the client. Maybe they hate email, so be sure to pick up the phone when you need to talk. Or maybe text messaging works better. Whatever is easiest for them and makes them the most comfortable.
  • Build a relationship. People want to work with vendors who are personable and who care. Don’t forget about them when the job order is filled. Touch base occasionally to see if there are other staffing needs you can help fill.
  • Ease their co-employment concerns. Utilizing contractors can create a tricky co-employment situation where it may be unclear which parties will handle the liability associated with those workers. Clients want to outsource as much of this liability as possible. If you can assure them that you (or your contracting back-office) will handle the employment issues, such as benefits administration, Workers’ Compensation, and Unemployment, and compliance with laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), that will go a long way to making you their recruiter of choice.

None of these things are hard to do, and many apply to your direct-hire business as well. It all comes down to providing quality candidates and doing quality, timely work. If you can do that, you are well on your way to raking in the contracting job orders!

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