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Contracting is a great way to bring in an additional stream of steady, more predictable income. But many recruiters shy away from contracting because they don’t want to take on the financial, legal, and administrative burdens that come with employing their contractors.

Luckily there is a way to sidestep those burdens and still reap the rewards of offering contract staffing to your clients – by utilizing a contracting back-office. So that just leaves one question: how do you explain to your clients that you are bringing another, unknown third party to the table?

This typically is not as tricky as it sounds. Simply explain that the contracting “back-office” will handle all of the administrative, “behind the scenes” issues and you will handle all of the recruiting issues as the “front-office.”

It may also help to point out what’s in it for them:

  1. If you are utilizing a good back-office service, their contractors will be offered a full menu of benefits, such as medical, dental, vision, etc.
  2. You can offer the client lower rates and better overall service.
  3. The contracting back-office carries liability insurance coverage.
  4. You as the recruiter will be able to devote all your attention to recruiting the best candidates for them.

Most of your clients will probably be happy to know that you will be focused on finding candidates rather than being distracted by payroll, administration, and other non-recruiting tasks. As long as  you assure them that you are still there for them and will assist them with any recruiting-related issues, they likely will not have any objections.

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