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How much time are you wasting on administrative tasks? Chances are you believe these tasks are a necessary evil—but what if you could delegate them? How much time would you save? The studies show, on average, we spend two days a week on administrative tasks. Some departments, such as HR, spend a lot more than that. This blog will help you understand how you could free up your time to work on core business-building tasks just by working a little smarter and dumping your admin work.

What Can You Do to Stop Wasting Time on Administrative Tasks

What Admin Tasks Are You Doing?

Clerical tasks in most businesses include maintaining HR files and internal databases. Communication tasks are often admin-related. Maintaining spreadsheets, recording hours, doing payroll and billing—all of these functions are administrative in nature. They serve as the backbone for most businesses but especially for small businesses, where owners and a small staff often end up doing the brunt of this work. For most companies, admin work, while so important, is not billable to the client. It’s an overhead expense. But what if you could turn that expense into time spent servicing more clients and getting paid?

How Do Most Office Workers Spend Their Time?

A survey last year showed that most office workers spend an inordinate amount of time on administrative tasks. While meetings seem to take up a lot of time, the study showed:

  • 76% of employees spend up to three hours a day on data entry tasks.
  • 83% of workers spend one to three hours a day fixing clerical errors.
  • 73% of the workforce spends one to three hours daily just trying to find information that’s stored somewhere in a file.

When the employees were asked what they believed were the biggest barriers to productivity, they cited burnout, time management, multitasking, and repetitive work.

What these workers may not realize is that there is a simple way out of all this admin. Today, you can outsource administrative functions to a company with the right tools and the time to take over business functions from your team. Imagine for a moment what you would do with two extra days a week to build your business? That’s the power of delegating your administrative tasks to an outsourcing provider.

Outsourcing Your Admin—Save Time, Build the Business

Outsourcing the key administrative functions of your business, from payroll to hiring, employee benefits administration, and more could free up your time. Many business owners outsource their HR admin work to an employer of record (EOR) like FoxHire. Our company has the technology and the talent to manage and organize your human-related administrative tasks. This can include:

  • Accounting
  • Background checks and drug screens
  • Benefits administration
  • Compliance
  • Direct deposits
  • Hiring
  • Immigration authorization
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Terminations
  • Timesheets
  • Unemployment
  • Workers’ compensation
  • W-2 document filing
  • Taxes

What if you took all of the time you spend on these tasks and applied it to bringing in and servicing more clients? FoxHire is proud to partner with companies to help them work smarter. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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