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If you recognize your employees regularly for their good work, they’ll want to do more of it. It’s a simple rule that employers often fail to follow through on. When employees are recognized for their efforts, they are almost three times more engaged than the employees that aren’t. An engaged worker will pay less attention to a competitor’s recruiter the next time they call. So, how can employers recognize their workforce in ways that keep them engaged? 

How Are You Appreciating Your Employees?

How to Show Appreciation to Your Employees 

There are so many benefits to employee appreciation: 

  • Increased engagement 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Better culture 
  • Less turnover 

Even better customer satisfaction is linked to having engaged employees. To take strides toward all of these benefits, consider these suggestions for rewarding your employees and showing your appreciation: 

  • Use an online rewards system. There are dozens on the market today. An online system allows even remote employees to participate in creating a culture of appreciation and recognition. Managers can use these tools to lead the way, giving props to employees and teams for a variety of positive behaviors. Many of these tools allow you to cash in bonuses and turn them into gift cards or other tangible rewards.  
  • For your onsite workers, feed them. Show your appreciation regularly with catered meals, hot coffee, donuts, and more. Have cake to celebrate people’s birthdays. While you’re at it, tell the company publicly how much your employees mean to you and your business.  
  • On the flip side of feeding donuts is the idea that you can reward your employees with healthy things, too. For example, you can give away local gym memberships as a reward or even offer wellness discounts as a general rule as part of your benefits. Say you have a group of employees who have a weight loss challenge going. It brings up the idea of rewarding personal as well as professional goals as part of your appreciation drive. If employees have a new baby, celebrate it. If their kids are graduating from college, start the applause. The point here is to gradually get to know your workforce in a way that binds together work and home to strengthen ties between the people that make up your company. 
  • Then take the gratitude to social media. Use photos and videos and spread the word that you have a culture of appreciation. This will help you attract more talent—winning and fun attract people—even while your efforts are improving your employee retention rates. 

Tie your celebrations to big and small wins. Recognize employees both privately and publicly for their efforts. But for the big team wins, make the reward bigger, too. Whether it’s an annual goal that your sales team knocked out of the park, a production goal for your industrial workforce, or even better patient satisfaction scores at your hospital, show appreciation in ways that matter to your workforce. 

What Do You Do To Show Appreciation to Your Employees?

Of course, the first step toward employee recognition is to have the right tools in place to track their successes. An EOR platform like FoxHire can help manage the employment relationship from onboarding through promotions to termination. Talk with our team about how we can lay the foundation for a more rewarding workplace. 

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