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In this shaky economy and ever-changing employment landscape, sometimes traditional recruiting strategies just don’t suffice. Increasingly, recruiters are being viewed as strategic partners who are expected to provide solutions to staffing problems, not simply fill job orders.

Are you in the position to serve as this type of strategic partner? If you are offering contract staffing, you can confidently say “Yes!” Contract staffing can provide a solution to a number of hiring challenges in recruitment, including the following:

  1. Fear of hiring. The economy is still far from certain, so it’s no wonder clients don’t want to commit to direct hires. Contract staffing offers a risk-free way to bring on help. If business slows or the economy goes south, they can simply end the contract assignments.
  2. Fear of hiring the wrong person. When companies do need to hire long-term, they want to be absolutely certain they have the right person. You can suggest a contract-to-direct arrangement so they can “try-before-they-buy.” If the person works out, they can hire them directly (and you can earn a conversion fee). If not, they can end the contract and try someone new.
  3. Hiring freezes. Because contractors come from a different budget than traditional employees and they do not represent a permanent investment, hiring managers have an easier time getting approval for contractors.
  4. Short-term projects. Projects often require additional staff or specialized skills that won’t be needed after the project has been completed. Contract staffing allows companies to ramp up for the project and scale down when it is complete.

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