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One of the critical components involved with contract placements is the back-office component. There are countless administrative, legal, and financial duties associated with contracting. Perhaps more importantly, these are time-consuming duties, ones that can distract any recruiter from their core base of business. That’s why many recruiters who are successful making contract placements utilize the services of a contract staffing service provider, one that handles the back-office duties. By not having to worry about the back-office, these recruiters can concentrate fully on doing those things that make them the most money—sourcing candidates, securing job orders, making placements, and growing their business. As the saying goes, “Do what you do best, and out-source the rest.”

Closing deals is what recruiters do best. And serving as the recruiter’s back-office is what FoxHire does best. Since 1992, FH has been the back-office solution for recruiters all across the country. And FoxHire is a full-service back-office solution, meaning that we cover absolutely all the bases and make sure that every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed. This is extremely important in the employment world, where rules and regulations are added and modified on a yearly basis. Running a successful business involves reducing your risk, and FoxHire can do that for you when you make contract placements through our back-office.

Recruiters who make both direct-hire and contract placements are able to not only survive during slow economic times, but they also thrive once the economy picks up again. That’s because their business model is more diverse, more balanced, and ultimately, more profitable. So when it comes to financial planning for next year, adding contracting to your business model could very well be the best move for you and your firm… in 2010 and beyond.

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