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There have been countless articles, reports, statistics, and experts saying the economy is recovering, but for many recruiters still scraping for job orders, it just doesn’t ring true. So how has recruiter Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search, Inc. managed to get clients to call him with job orders during this uncertain economic period?

For Tappis, it was as simple as letting his direct-hire clients know that he was also able to provide contract candidates. Even during good times, when they were more than willing to invest in direct-hires, he reminded clients that he could provide people on a short-term basis when they found themselves unable to hire permanently. As a result, his clients have been initiating contact with him. That’s right, in an economic client where job orders are scarce for many recruiters, all Tappis has to do is pick up the phone. In fact, in the span of six weeks, he closed on four contract placements and was working on a fifth.

“A good way to pick up job orders is to market contracting,” Tappis said. “That might be a way that companies could get some of their upgrades handled, projects completed, etc. They might not be willing to add full-time people, but they might be in a position to hire on a contract basis. And if you’re thinking about offering contracting, put it on your Web site and communicate it whenever you can.”

Because he outsources the back-office tasks to FoxHire (FH), which handles all of the employee paperwork, legal contracts, payroll processing, benefits administration, etc., making contract placements takes no extra effort on his part. In fact, contract placements may even take less effort than direct-hire placements because the clients are contacting him and he doesn’t have to make endless phone calls to secure new job orders.

“Making contract placements definitely helps with cash flow,” Tappis said. ”Getting checks on a regular basis is a huge benefit in any economy. With direct-hire placements, you never know when the check is going to arrive. Contracting is a great way to supplement your direct (perm) business. Not only that, FH does all the work for me. I can’t lose.”

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