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We’ve already discussed on this blog how baby boomers make great contract placement candidates, but what about their children and grandchildren? How do they stack up as contract workers?

Well, if you are to believe the media hype, Generation Y (encompassing those born roughly in the mid-70?s to the early 2000?s) is filled with a bunch of job hopping multi-taskers who have zero loyalty to the companies they work for. While this may make them the least desirable candidates for permanent placements, it makes them ideally suited for contract work because it allows them to build up the experience they are looking for and provides an automatic exit strategy.

A recent Newsweek article provided a pretty comprehensive look at Generation Y in the workplace. According to the article, many Millenials, as they are often called, are itching to get out of their current jobs and “will have no problem accepting contract, short-term work in lieu of a steadier paycheck.”

There are other indicators in the article that Millenials may be perfect contract candidates:

  • They don’t mind going from project-to-project.
  • They don’t believe in job security, so they have resigned themselves to being ”free agents.”
  • They are having a particularly difficult time securing full-time employment in the recession.
  • They are having trouble finding work in their chosen fields, so they are taking temporary positions to bolster their resumes.
  • They are willing and eager to travel.

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