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FoxHire was recently named in the article, 10 Best Employer Of Record (EOR) To Consider For HR Outsourcing [2022], by People Managing People. The article took into account multiple criteria including customer service, security, and more. Additionally the article identified some of the best EOR components as processing and funding of payroll, depositing and filing taxes, employee onboarding, and more. 

FoxHire’s Growth in the EOR space

Over the past 5 years FoxHire has invested millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of man hours into improving its software platform. FoxHire has developed a number of capabilities that have enabled the platform to compete with the best EORs in the world. Additionally FoxHire has grown its customer base and internal team to support the growth and vision of the company. FoxHire has added team members in the sales, operations, healthcare services, HR, and IT departments over those same 5 year, enabling the company to better serve its customers. 

“We are excited to be recognized as one of the top EORs in the industry, thanks to People Managing People. Our growth has been exciting for us all internally, and it’s great to see others are recognizing it as well. We will continue to do our best to enable our customers to grow as well through our employer of record platform and services.”, said Colin LaBeau, President of FoxHire. 

This recognition by People Managing People came just before FoxHire’s 30 year anniversary. Over those 30 years the Employer of Record space has changed drastically. Due to a number of factors increasing globalization and employment complexity, the market is poised to continue to grow. The market in the United States currently stands at $4299.1M annually, but is expected to grow to $6604.4M annually by 2028, according to Proficient Market Insights.

About FoxHire

FoxHire has offices in Canton, OH and employs workers in almost all 50 states. They offer employer of record services to staffing firms, recruiting agencies, and all other types of employers. With expertise in healthcare and education, FoxHire is a market leader for EOR services in highly regulated industries. For more information on the company visit their website here.

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