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The First Quarter 2011 edition of Contracting Corner, ”The Perm Recruiter’s Contracting Resource,” is now available online.

This issue focuses on a dramatic shift that has occurred in recruiting in the past year where primarily direct-hire recruiters have starting offering contract staffing services. By offering contract staffing services they have been able to help clients overcome hiring freezes, ”try-before-they-buy” through temp-to-perm arrangements, complete projects, and handle unique staffing challenges.

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The Contracting Corner provides a wealth of valuable information regarding contracting including:

  • Practical information and tips.
  • In-depth interviews with perm recruiters who have added contracting to their business model.
  • Industry trends.
  • Human resources, accounting, and legal/legislative issues related to the staffing industry.
  • A Q&A section addressing commonly asked questions.

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