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We’re going to hi-jack our “Hiring Manager Series” for just a moment to introduce a new series of blogs that will revolve around some of the fundamental aspects of contract staffing for recruiters. We realize that contracting, despite the fact it can be very profitable for direct-hire recruiters, can also be very daunting because of its perceived complexity. Contract staffing is nowhere near as complex as it’s often made out to be.

However, there are some basic words, terms, and phrases that I’d like to take the time explain in this blog. Some of these you may have heard before and some of them you might not. By explaining the meaning behind these words and phrases, I hope to debunk some of the myths about contracting and also build a framework of knowledge for those who aren’t as familiar with contract staffing.

As always, I’m open to your suggestions. If you have any questions that you’d like answered about contracting, post them here and they could appear in a future blog entry.

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