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If you think that temporary/contract staffing is only for lower level positions, think again. Especially in the current economy, no level of employment is exempt from contracting, and one of the more recent trends in temporary/contract staffing is executive temping.

As more Baby Boomers occupying many executive positions consider retirement, companies are scrambling to fill the void. The typical “two-week notice” is rarely ever enough time to replace someone of executive caliber. In fact, the interview process alone can take months, and if the replacement has to relocate, it can take even longer. That’s why more companies are turning to contractors to bridge the gap between when an executive leaves and a new direct-hire can start.

And with so many older executives now choosing to ease into retirement, there are plenty of high-level candidates out there willing to work on a contract basis. Executive temping allows them to work a few months at time and then take a break. In many situations, they can also work abbreviated work weeks and work from home. Their pay is usually on par with with what they would make in a direct position, and maybe even more since they are paid for every hour they work rather than on a salary basis. Executive temping also gives them the chance to take on new challenges and even travel if they wish to accept positions in other areas.

So how can you take advantage of this growing trend? First, simply ask your current clients if they would consider using contractors at the executive level or if they have any critical staff approaching retirement. And if you previously shied away from approaching executive-level candidates about contracting, don’t hesitate to in the future. Contracting may be a way they had not previously considered to meet their professional and personal goals!

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