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As we reported in a recent blog post, President Obama’s jobs bill would, among other things, make job ads listing current employment as a job requirement illegal. Of course, there is plenty of debate over this.  Some people feel legislation banning “unemployed discrimination” is necessary to help the large number of people laid off during the recession find work. Others feel the problem is not that prevalent and that additional legislation will put unnecessary burden on employers.

But what do recruiters think? After all, most of them have likely encountered clients who refuse to consider unemployed candidates, so they have a financial stake in the issue.

Well, according to a recent survey conducted by our sister company, FoxHire, a large number of recruiters think unemployed discrimination should be illegal. The survey specifically asked “Should it be illegal for companies to deny employment based soley on a person’s unemployed status?” The recruiters repsonded as follows:

  • Yes – 49.3%
  • No – 33.3%
  • Indifferent – 17.3%

So what do you think? Should unemployed discrimination be illegal?

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