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It’s no secret that the days of women being the sole caretakers of the children and men being the sole breadwinners are a thing of the past.  But according to a recent article by Human Resources Executive Online, many employers are failing to recognize thatmen need workplace flexibility just as much as their female counterparts.

According to the article, “dads are increasingly engaged with their familiesbut experiencing more work/life conflict.” They want to spend more time with their children and share the caretaking duties more equally with their spouses but are often not able to due to their work obligations.

Part of the problem is that fathers are less likely than women to speak up about their need for flexibility and are reluctant to take advantage of flexible workplace arrangements that do exist.  They are often concerned about how doing so will affect how they are seen by those in senior roles who may still stereotype men as the breadwinners, the article stated.

The flexible options these fathers crave the most are telecommuting and working flexible hours.  If you have fathers you are trying to place that would like additional flexibility, you may want to point them towards contract assignments.  Contractors are often able to set their own schedules, and many companies also allow their contractors to a spend limited amount of time in the office.

If the traditional workforce is not providing dads with the flexibility they need, they may have to create it for themselves. You can help them do so by presenting them with flexible contract opportunities.

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