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Do you have some candidates who just refuse to consider contract positions? Well, you may want to point them to a recent column by Michelle Goodman in which she and other contractors explain why they actually prefer contract assignments over more permanent employment.

Goodman and her counterparts have even turned down direct-hire offers because of some of the following perks of contracting:

    1. Work-life balance – Many contract jobs don’t have strict 9 to 5 schedules, allowing contractors to get the work done around their own personal schedules. In addition, many of the contractors interviewed like not being limited to the typical two weeks of vacation, instead using longer gaps between assignments to travel.
    2. Bypassing office politics – Some contractors find that they are not dragged into a lot of the interpersonal office dramatics like they would be if they were regular employees. And they often can skip long office meetings, too!
    3. More pay – Contractors are usually paid for every hour worked unlike their salaried, regular employee counterparts.

Enhance experience and skills – Contracting allows workers to gain a wide range of experiences in a variety of work environments and industries. As one contractor interviewed stated, “Everything is always new. There’s always a new learning curve, adjusting to the culture and processes. I’m rarely bored.”

  • Job security– This one may seem a little odd, but contractors feel like they have a better grasp on how to stay relevant and pick up work when needed. ”I’ve been contracting for 26 years and have never been laid off,” one contractor said.


The article pointed out that one of the drawbacks of being a contractor is the lack of benefits, but if you use FoxHire Contract staffing as your back-office service provider, your contractors will have the opportunity to sign up for a full range of benefits, including health, dental, vision, life, and 401k. So your candidates can enjoy all of the benefits of contract work in the column mentioned without the drawbacks that scare many away from contracting.

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