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How, exactly, does contracting provide flexibility? There are three main ways.

First of all, contractors can be brought on board quickly, often to meet short-term deadlines. Second, companies can reduce layoffs by using contractors to meet increased workloads. Third, contractors can offer a fresh perspective on the various issues that companies face. Fourth, companies have the option of hiring contractors on a direct-hire basis… or just letting them go at the end of their contract assignment. Flexibility is the key.

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Flexibility might be the key for your clients and their workforce planning needs, but preparation is your key to positioning yourself correctly to take advantage of their need for flexibility. As you might imagine, flexibility is important for you and your firm, as well, because you have to be flexible in terms of what staffing solutions you can provide.

When you break it down to the lowest common denominator, it’s actually a case of supply and demand. In order to remain relevant in a competitive market, companies are in need of more flexibility. Consequently, in order for you to generate as much business as you possibly can from these companies, you need to be able to provide the options and solutions that will allow them to enjoy that flexibility. If you’re able to do that, you’ll become a bigger part of their workforce planning—specifically, they’ll use you more to accomplish what needs to get done as part of that planning.

What some recruiters don’t realize is that contracting can be quick, easy, and painless. In fact, you can start offering contract services to your clients in a matter of days with the help of a contract staffing service provider. You don’t have to know a ton about contracting in order to make contract placements and earn extra income. All you have to do is recruit the candidate; we’ll take care of everything else.

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