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Need a little inspiration going into a new year when job orders are still scarce and the economy is anything but certain? Look no further than the FoxHire Network’s recent profile of recruiter Bob Small of Carroll Technology Services, Inc.

While many recruiters have continued to struggle this past year, Small calls 2010 ”a good year.” In fact, he ranked 15th in overall production among FoxHire Network members. Part of the reason for his success was his willingness to look beyond direct-hire job orders.

“I’ve had more contractors out there, which has been good,” said Small, who uses FoxHire as his contracting back-office. “I haven’t done much contracting in the past, but it’s been working out for me.”

Recruiters like Small who are willing to do contracting not only are able to fill the void left by scarce direct-hire job orders, but they also add a steady revenue stream to their business because they are paid for every hour their contractors work. If you are having trouble making ends meet as the economy continues to sputter, you may want to take a cue from Small and see if accepting some contracting job orders may help boost your income.

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