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A recent post on our sister company FoxHire Network’s Recruiter Training Blog discusses hiring managers’ reluctance to hire anyone but the “perfect candidate.” In the quest for this mythical “perfect candidate,” some companies are throwing down new, stringent mandates, such as not considering anyone who is currently unemployed and checking credit reports more frequently.

As the economy continues to remain uncertain, hiring managers are still reluctant to hire but are slowing finding that they need additional help. So if they have to hire and add to their headcount, they only want to do so if they can find the so-called perfect person to fill the skills gap. Not only does this slow the hiring process to a near stop, but it also prevents you from placing some great talent that your clients won’t even consider because those candidates just happened to have had a run of bad luck during the recession.

So what can you do? Well, you can offer to let your clients “try” your star candidates before they “buy” them by hiring them on a contact-to-direct basis. Not only will this help you place some of your best talent, your clients will be grateful to you for not letting them pass up on someone who could end up being the real “perfect candidate!”

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