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The Affordable Care Act requires any company with more than 50-employees to offer healthcare benefits. This includes staffing agencies. How does this work, though, if you hire contractors through FoxHire? What benefits does FoxHire offer candidates and how can it help your company attract talent? 

Health Insurance, Contractors, and Your Business 

Health insurance is a huge attractant for potential talent. That’s why FoxHire offers benefits to any of our contractors working 30-hours or more each week. For an employer, having a staffing agency like FoxHire become the employer of record (EOR) takes away the level of complexities associated with a contingent workforce. 

Here’s how it works. You contract with FoxHire to add contract staff for an allotted time to fill in hiring gaps in your business. You pay FoxHire the employee wage and our fees, and we handle all the rest. You don’t have to worry about payroll or benefits; that’s our job. The rules are quite complicated, as well, particularly with a revolving door of contractors coming in and out of a business. FoxHire uses sophisticated technology that takes care of reporting requirements so that we maintain a legal, ethical approach to benefits under the law. 

What Contractor Benefits Does FoxHire Offer? 

Your contractors will be well taken care of under the FoxHire benefits plan. For those working more than 30-hours a week, a full range of benefits will help keep your contingent workforce healthy and happy. FoxHire contractors can select from these benefits: 

  • Health insurance through Aultcare/Cigna. Cigna is a nationally recognized healthcare provider with wide-ranging coverage fully qualified under the ACA. There are three plans to choose from, including a health savings account (HSA) so the employee has the option of pre-tax savings for their medical needs. 
  • Dental insurance is through national carrier the Guardian. Under this plan, employees can see any dentist. Preventative care is covered 100%, too, along with 100% coverage for restorative treatment. Anything else is covered at a 60% rate. 
  • The vision plan is also through Guardian and the employee can save big on their exams as well as contacts, frames, and lenses. There’s even a benefit for laser vision correction. 
  • We even offer a 401(k) savings, which is available after six months of employment. Our contract workers can join either the traditional pre-tax 401(k) or a Roth 401(k). Employees can contribute up to 90% of their weekly gross pay up to the IRA threshold. They can also roll over their existing 401(k) under our plan. 

If you’re an employer struggling to find talent, FoxHire can help.

We offer these benefits as an incentive to bring in some of the best candidates available today. Then we build long-term relationships with our workforce, who are, after all, our employees. FoxHire benefits your business by helping you with a reliable, trusted contract workforce and as an EOR, we take away the HR headaches that come with managing benefits and payroll. Talk with our team today about our talented teams and how we can help you meet your business goals. 

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