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The myth that workers only become contractors to obtain a direct hire position has been officially debunked by a recent Randstad study.

Over 2,000 employed adults were surveyed for the Randstad Workforce360 Study. The study found that 78% of the temporary/contract workers surveyed felt their experience was positive. In fact, many have chosen contract work over direct hire positions for the following reasons:

  • Schedule flexibility (selected by 31% of respondents)
  • Better pay (28%)
  • More control over career (21%)

Of the temporary/contract workers surveyed, 86% reported that their level of job satisfaction was very good or excellent compared to 73% of permanent/direct hire employees.  In addition, 54% of the contractors strongly agreed with the statement “I am paid what I’m worth.” Only 42% of direct hires stated the same.

Additionally, the survey found that one-third of contractors occupy high-level positions. This relates to a trend FoxHire® Contracting has reported on numerous times called executive temping.

One of the biggest reasons recruiters don’t offer contract staffing is that they are afraid they won’t be able to find candidates.  This study shows thatcandidates’ attitudes toward contract staffing have changed dramatically. Contract positions are no longer the jobs they take because a direct position is not available. More and more, candidates are choosing contract positions over traditional employment.

The only way you will know if your candidates would be willing to work as contractors is to ask them. You may be surprised how many would prefer the option to work on contract. And if you run your contractors through FH’s back-office, they’ll be happy to know that they will be offered a full menu of benefits, including healthcare insurance offered through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  This is additional to a weekly paycheck with the option of direct deposit.

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