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An interesting article on the blog titled “5 Reasons Traditional Employment is in Trouble” raises issues that both employers and recruiters should be concerned about.  The gist of the article is that employees have had it with traditional employment and are opting instead to work independently, offering their services for a fee to anyone who needs their skills.

This trend takes recruiters completely out of the loop.  Instead of using recruiters to help them find a job, workers are turning to “crowdsourcing” sites, like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, where they can offer their services for bid.

So what’s behind this trend? For starters, workers feel unappreciated and disrespected. And as the cost of employer-sponsored benefits soars, workers no longer feel chained to traditional employment as a way to get the insurance they need.

Additionally, the article stated that workers are seeking the following advantages that traditional employment is just not delivering:

  • Engagement
  • Fulfillment
  • Challenge
  • Project-based work
  • The opportunity to participate in decision-making
  • Freedom over their own schedules

The fact is, you can offer all that and so much more by placing them on contract assignments. Contract work is often project-based and time-sensitive, so workers can quickly feel a sense of fulfillment by seeing how their work makes a difference.  Workers on contract assignments also often have more control over when and where they perform the work.

Better yet, contract assignments provide many of the perks that come with traditional employment along with the freedom that comes with independent work.  If you work with a contract staffing back-office, like FoxHire, the contractors will be offered a full menu of benefits, a regular paycheck with the option of direct deposit, Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation protection, and more.

Candidates may think they can do better without you.  But you can prove them wrong by showing them that there is a better solution to the problems they are facing with traditional employment.

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