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It’s not just your business that needs resilience; these days your employees, need it, too. Thanks to the COVID crisis, we’ve had a year of tumultuous markets, stress, and changes that have left us tired and unsettled. The best way for us to keep moving forward while protecting our valuable workers is to build resilience in our companies and our employees. How can you help your workforce get stronger while retaining them for the long haul? 

What Are Your Employees Struggling With? 

Know what’s on the minds of your workforce these days is the first step toward helping them cope. An excellent way to learn what your employees are struggling with is to do a weekly check-in, both from an accountability perspective and through engagement surveys, to capture the “pulse” of your workforce. 

As an Employer of Record (EOR), FoxHire understands the value of these check-ins—we do them with our employees, too. We’ve found some of the most pressing issues common across the workforce includes: 

  • Burnout is becoming more of an issue for remote workers. The data shows that more than 62% of remote workers are experiencing some burnout symptoms. Setting boundaries between work and home is complicated when home is also your place of work. It’s a good idea for employers to address this issue now, before burnout becomes a problem. Talk with your managers to make sure they’re not trying to communicate with employees at night and on the weekends. Set the expectation that employees should be offline when the workday is over. Encourage workers to take breaks at lunch or when they need to. Talk with them about the signs of burnout and how to get some relief. 
  • Worry about the future is something many of us do habitually. But the coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty around the future of companies and jobs, and even work environments. Many employees are wondering when they’ll be called back to an office and what the new environment will look like. Employers can assuage these fears by creating transparent communications around what to expect in the coming months. In this kind of uncertain environment, there is no such thing as overcommunication. Employers can create resilience in their employees by sharing what they know, whether it’s a strategic business approach, finances, or generally what’s next for their workers. 

Partner With FoxHire

FoxHire works closely with employers to ensure the resiliency of their staff. Our job is to help you manage your increasingly dispersed workforce in a way that leaves you free to focus on the business. Talk with our team about how we can help. 

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