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More workers are choosing contract staffing as a lifestyle due to the flexibility and earning potential contract assignments provide. Contracting is for everyone, but there are traits that seem to make certain contractors particularly successful. (And that’s why some of them become a career contract worker.)

A career contract worker:

If you’re a recruiter that offers contract staffing services, keep an eye out for candidates with these five traits.

#1—Craves variety

The temporary nature of contract assignments keeps workers from getting stuck in a rut. They get the opportunity to work for different companies on a variety of tasks and often in different locations. In fact, one of the reasons many contract workers enjoy this type of work arrangement is because it gives them the opportunity to travel and live in new locations for a period of time.

#2—Relishes a challenge

With variety comes challenge. Companies often bring on contractors to complete complex projects or to meet tight deadlines. And each new assignment provides an exciting new challenge.

#3—Wants to make a difference

Companies usually hire contractors because they have an immediate need and want to see results FAST. This allows contractors to see the impact of their work rather quickly. This is important to those who have chosen contracting as a lifestyle. According to the MBO Partners’ “State of Independence in America” report, 79% of independent/contract workers said they like to know they are making a difference.

#4—Is focused

A person who works on contract must be very focused, with an eye on the final outcome. Unlike traditional employees who may have an unspecified amount of time to meet their goals, contractors typically have strict deadlines.

#5—Has a zeal for learning

For the person who is always looking to learn something new, contract staffing is perfect. They pick up new skills with each project they complete, bolstering their resume as they go.

If you find a star candidate who has these traits, then you many want to introduce them to contract staffing. (If they have not already decided to be a career contractor, that is.) They will probably be happier working contract assignments, and you will have a solid candidate to add to your stable of contractors.

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