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(Debbie’s Note: Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS of Good as Gold Training and Development, Inc., is a guest writer for this blog. We look forward to many more of her contributions in the future.)

Recent events in the American economy have been cause for concern on the part of both companies and recruiters, changing the way in which we view the employment landscape. Technology will have a tremendous impact on the future needs of the clients we represent. For the first time in history, four generations are working for the same company. Employers are dealing with new issues because each of these generations has a different perspective on technology. Below are some future trends in the workplace:

1. Competition for top talent in technical fields will become more intense. Many Generation X and Y’ers will learn their new skills at one client and then utilize them at another client through contract staffing opportunities.

2. Direct-hire retention, talent management, and hiring strategies for all generations will become the greatest challenges that clients will face.

3. Many jobs will be connected to the medical profession. Contract opportunities will bring top hourly rates, while direct-hire positions will offer lucrative hiring bonuses.

4. Many companies will “outsource” entire departments of employees to contract staffing firms in order to improve their bottom line and minimize their risks.

5. A flexible workforce will increase the bottom line for all companies—from the small businesses all the way up to large corporations.

6. Retired Baby Boomers will bring top talent to the labor pool in the form of contract staffing. Contracting gives retirees the opportunity to earn additional income without having a negative effect on pension plans. And in many cases, retired workers need access to health benefits, which can also be offered to contract employees.

The bottom line is that clients will want to maximize the opportunities presented by technology, multiple generations in the workforce, and contract staffing.

We also need to realize, however, that clients often want one primary source for all of their staffing needs. Will you be that primary source for your clients?

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