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There are a number of reasons recruiters should add contract staffing to their service offerings. It helps you generate more placements. It provides a steady stream of recruiter income that can help you weather economic storms. And the placement cycle with contract placements tends to be quicker than with direct hires.

But did you know that contract staffing can actually allow you to save dying direct placement job orders? Consider the following scenarios:

  1. Hiring Freeze. A hiring manager needs to fill a position immediately but can’t hire direct due to a hiring freeze. But the company could bring the worker in as a contractor because money for contractors comes from a different budget.
  2. Last Minute Plan Change. A hiring manager suddenly switches a direct hire job order to a contract job order because the company doesn’t want to commit to a direct hire while the economy remains uncertain.
  3. Contract-to-Direct Hire. A hiring manager likes your candidate, but is still hesitant to extend a direct job order. The manager would, however, consider a contract-to-direct arrangement because he/she would be able to see if the candidate had the skills to get the job done and blend with the team.

If you only work direct hire, you would lose the placement in each of these scenarios. Adding contract staffing to your business model allows you to offer staffing alternatives when your clients determine that a direct hire is not the right solution. By providing these alternatives, you not only can save a dying placement but also make yourself a valued staffing partner to your clients.

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