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Having a competitive job offer is more than just the icing on the cake at the end of the interview process. An unbeatable job offer is the cake itself. Candidates are looking for the full package on any offer that comes in. That’s a combination of pay, benefits, and a comfortable work environment. How can your company get the candidate’s attention and create a job offer that will close the deal every time? 

Top Things a Candidate Looks for in a Job Offer 

Meeting your candidate’s expectations for a winning job offer shouldn’t happen just at the end of the process. Instead, these details should be used right upfront to attract a better caliber of candidates to the job search process. This includes: 

  • Pay range 
  • Benefits details 
  • Who the position reports to? 
  • Bonuses 

But of these features, which ones are most important to candidates? It turns out that some of the intangibles are more important than we thought. For example, 93% of employees say they would stick around at their company if they offered more advancement opportunities and invested in their employees more. Two-thirds of the workforce say diversity and inclusion matter greatly to their decision-making process during their job search.  

COVID-19 changed some of the job expectations of the American workforce, as well. Today, 80% of potential employees now say that they would turn down a job that didn’t offer flexible work arrangements. But the majority of employees still rank benefits at the top of their list when searching for a new position. For small companies, this creates problems; how can these companies remain competitive with their benefits packages to attract a better caliber of candidates.  

3 Tips for How Can an EOR Improve Your Job Offer 

For smaller companies, the best way to strengthen their benefits package is by using an employer of record (EOR service). Three benefits will help employers: 

1. Better benefits. 

EORs often operate from a shared insurance pool, which allows them to leverage a better benefits package that will attract a better class of talent. Employers can use these packages in their advertising as a way to market the benefits of the position. Further, an EOR can actually manage benefits administration, which can be complex and unwieldy to handle. 

2. Cheaper benefits.

From an employer’s perspective, the EOR gives them better buying power for employee benefits. Working from a shared pool means that the negotiating power of an EOR saves employers money on this costly but necessary overhead expense. This means the employers have more cash available to potentially increase the salaries in their job offers. It’s a full-circle process that will attract more candidates in the long run. 

3. Saves time.

An EOR also saves companies time, which can translate into better policies to retain existing workers and more time to seek out new employees. Companies can even use an EOR to handle the candidate hiring process. This benefits both the employer and the candidate; EORs understand how to manage this complex process in a way that will attract more candidates to your company. 

Partner With an EOR!

FoxHire can help you develop a better job offer and process to improve hiring. Talk with our team today to find out how we can help your business. 

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