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Ok, so you’ve made the contract placement and your candidate has been working for a couple of weeks.  Now what?

If you have outsourced their employment to a contract staffing back-office, there’s really not anything else you HAVE to do, except collect your checks. But may we suggest that you call the client on a regular basis to follow-up on the placement? Successful contract staffing recruiters have shared some insightful reasons for regular follow-up:

  1. Get more business. Checking in on the status of current placements gives you an excuse to ask clients if they have any additional staffing needs (direct hire or contract).
  2. Secure your continued income. If you are chatting with your client regularly, you will probably know when the assignment is going to end. This gives you the chance to get another assignment lined up for the contract candidate so you can keep those recruiter income checks coming.
  3. Spot problems early.  If you can head off conflicts before they become major problems, you maybe able to save a contract assignment and improve your reputation with both the client and the candidate.

The bottom line is that, even if you’re using employer of record services, regular follow-up can increase client satisfaction. Consider this: according to the 2012 Opportunities in Staffing report by CareerBuilder and Inavero, client satisfaction saw a huge drop in 2012.  Only 39% of clients rated their staffing firms as a 9 or 10. One way to ensure your clients’ satisfaction is to show them you care by touching base once and a while.

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