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Ask an HR team member, and they’ll probably agree the past two years have been very challenging. We scrambled to move our teams remote during COVID. There were furloughs and layoffs. Not to mention the complexities of the government payroll handouts—and so much more. Today, we’ve learned to live within the boundaries of our new normal. But what will 2023 bring for hiring teams? Will the ride be as rocky? With just four months remaining in the year, let’s take a look ahead. 

Recruiting and Hiring for 2023

Prediction 1: Remote Work is Here—Get Used to It

The first prediction for 2023 is that remote work isn’t going away. McKinsey studied the issue and found 87% of the American workforce wants to continue to work remotely. The number of remote workers is consistently predicted to increase in the coming years. McKinsey says, “The flexible working world was born of a frenzied reaction to a sudden crisis but has remained as a desirable job feature for millions.”  

Hiring teams can expect to lose candidates to employers that offer at least a hybrid partial work from home option. For some lower-paying jobs, the cost of fuel alone is enough of an incentive for workers to seek out remote jobs whenever possible. Don’t expect this to change in the coming year or so. An important recruiting tip to consider is to offer remote and flexible work options if you want to fill the job. 

Prediction 2—Work on Your Reputation

Increasingly, job candidates now research employers before taking the job. The data shows that 75% will not take the job if the company’s reputation is poor. There is plenty of data on the internet for these candidates to consume. Specialized sites like Glassdoor offer reviews from employees on what the culture at your company is really like. There are dozens of articles on how job candidates should use LinkedIn to reach out to your current employees to find out the real job environment before taking the job. This is particularly true if you’re hiring computer-savvy knowledge workers; IT, HR, management, engineers, and more. The internet has democratized information. You can expect job candidates to continue to check out your brand well before the final interview happens. A recruitment tip for employers is to work on your internal cultural norms to help build your brand. Become a hiring destination. You will attract more candidates and stop them from ghosting you during the hiring process.  

Prediction 3—Employers will Continue to Form New Hiring Partnerships

The talent shortage is being felt across every industry. It’s placing a huge strain on internal HR teams. For better or for worse, one in four U.S. workers is considering a job change next year. This could create opportunities for your recruiters to find talent. It could also create turnover and increase hiring shortages in your company. Perhaps both.

In August 2022, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs. The evidence does not show signs of this slowing down, either. This will drive companies to seek out new partnerships to help them replace workers while also trying to fill new roles. As we write this, there are more than 10 million open jobs out there. Managing the increasing complexities of the volatile employment market will force many employers to seek out the help of recruiting and staffing agencies. Others will outsource their basic HR functions to an employer of record (EOR). 

Are You Paying Attention to These Hiring Trends For Next Year?

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