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Over the course of the last 24 months, healthcare professionals have seen the highest demand in history for contract healthcare jobs. There are shortages for all healthcare professionals, and many facilities are extremely understaffed. This has driven up the salaries and hourly rates for contract and temporary healthcare roles. Subsequently the interest in contract and temporary work within healthcare organizations has increased. 

These healthcare jobs are becoming so interesting for healthcare workers for a variety of reasons. Not only can healthcare professionals now better control their work life balance, but they can also control when and where they work. The top benefits of contract work are:

  • Higher hourly rates
  • Opportunities for travel to different locations
  • Control over work life balance 

Top Contract Healthcare Jobs

Below we review the top contract healthcare jobs for healthcare professionals to further their career. We reviewed many sources to see how much salaries are increasing, how long assignments last, and how much demand there is for each position.

Travel and Contract Nursing (RN, LPN, CNA)

  • Salary Increase 24 months: 54%-67%
  • Average length of assignment: 3 months
  • Demand increased by 30%

Contract/Temporary Respiratory Therapists

  • Salary Increase 24 months: 23%
  • Average length of assignment: 3-6 months
  • Demand increased by 31%

Contract and Temporary leadership (CNO, Director of nursing)

  • Salary Increase 24 months: 15%
  • Average length of assignment: 6 months
  • Demand increased by 113%

Although the above healthcare jobs are considered the top roles right now, there are many other roles available on a contract basis. These types of positions are available all over the country, for a variety of reasons. The good news is that as salaries are increasing so is demand. If you are a contract worker or interested in contract work, it is most likely that you can find roles like this through healthcare staffing agencies. There are local agencies and agencies that work nationally. 

If you are a healthcare recruiting agency and you are not offering contract or temporary staffing, here is a great opportunity for you to service your customers better. If you are struggling with starting that side of your business due to a lack of infrastructure and tools, FoxHire’s Employer of Record Platform can help. FoxHire is the leader in healthcare specific back office services for recruiting and staffing agencies. We look forward to helping you out!

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